Vehicular Communication System

Vehicular Communication System
CEST vehicular communication modules support inter-vehicle communication modes including WAVE, 802.11g and GPS, which allow the user to experience smart, leading-edge transit systems.
The Communication Based System of Next-generation Intelligent Traffic System about Real Time Traffic Conditions and Incidents with Information collected by communication between cars, cars and base stations, and between stations.
Major functions
  • - Sending and receiving messages between vehicles
  • - Sending and receiving messages between vehicles and roadside devices
  • - Accident info. dissemination (multi-hop inter-vehicle)
  • - Real-time traffic monitoring/view
  • - Vehicle authentication and data coding
  • - Comm. Infrastructure for smart next-generation transit systems
  • - High-reliability uninterrupted communication mode under high-speed mobile environment
System configuration
  • - RSU (Road-Side Unit) : Is installed on the side of the road for vehicles and roadside devices can communicate
  • - OBU (On-Board Unit) : Interprocess communication between vehicles and roadside devices and vehicles for the device