Electronic Shelf Label controlling various information in real time (ESL)
Electronic Shelf Label / CEST esl
CEST's ESL with the ZigBee technology available for large-scale network provides diverse services such as price changes and control in a store in real time, and information transmission for advertisement, PR, and sales.
ESL (Electronic Shelf Label, electronic price display system)
This is a system in which a digital price display device for price display for each item is installed on a shelf, and price change and discount information is transmitted in real time to give customers accurate information.
ESL system's benefits
A high level of customer satisfaction
  • - Customer complaints from prices difference between a price tag and a POS system decreases.
  • - It is possible to handle customer's request immediately when they call.
  • - Convenient store management
Personnel expense reduction
  • - You don't have to change a price change manually so a minimal number of staff are needed.
  • - You don't have to work on price tag loss or error so you can reduce working hours.
Profitability improvement
  • - Efficiency for store management through information control increases.
  • - It is possible to take a timely action due to real time information transmission.
  • - Compensation expenses from wrong price display decreases.
Comparing with a paper price tag
Comparing with a paper price tag
Aspect Paper Digital
Time for price tag change 1 piece/2 min. 10,000 pieces/2 min.
Check for price tag loss hard easy
Price display error about 6% none
Visibility normal high
Major functions
Price control in real time
  • - It is possible to change all prices at one time or each price through a terminal.
  • - Commodity prices become synchronized with information in a POS server through price change by remote control.
  • - Various price information can be displayed such as a selling price, a unit price, and a normal price.
Store management
  • - You can have information about an item location and inventory.
  • - It is possible to transmit information in real time about advertisement, event, and discount.
Additional functions
  • - Monitering temperature/humidity of frozen/chilled foods
  • - Data change in an electronic scale through remote control
ESL system configuration
  • - ZigBee wireless network system based
  • - highly reliable large-scale bidirectional communication system application
  • - quick update based on high-speed communication
  • - easy and fast installation, convenient and stable operating system
  • - maintenance through web-based communication remote control
Electronic Shelf Label / CEST esl
High-grade ESL Tag
  • - You can change information such as brand name, item code, place of origin, unit price, and discounted price.
  • - It is possible to realize a screen display of a POP level.
  • - This system can be applied to many fields including hospitals, businesses, and stores for household items, cosmetics, home appliances.
Color LCD Type
Electronic Shelf Label / CEST esl
  • - The format is not fixed but various UI can be applied.
  • - The high-grade tag can display product information and images for PR.
  • - Image data communication
  • - Data update time: 48Kb/s
Basic ESL Tag
Electronic Shelf Label / CEST esl
  • - Text (price) data communication
  • - Overall prices change time: 3,000 tags/min.
  • - Individual tag change time: max. 1 min. (300 pieces individual tag/min.)
Item, Specifications, Display, External I/F, Antenna, Built-in,
Battery Event display, Battery display, Unit display, Product position (up, down)
Tag Manager
Electronic Shelf Label / CEST esl
  • - One tag manager can control max. 3,000 tags.
  • - Network control: tag installation position configuration, price/image data communication
  • - Tag control: tag price DB maintenance, price tag control
Tag Manager
Item Specifications
External I/F USB, Ethernet
Antenna external
S/W set-up S/W for PC
Power constant (DC 5V adapter)
Size 122×115×22(mm)
Electronic Shelf Label / CEST esl
  • - A cover can be attached to prevent damage, loss, and shoplifting.
  • - The slope of a tag is adjustable according to a product position.
  • - You can change the color of a rail background depending on a store interior.
Price Change Terminal
Electronic Shelf Label / CEST esl
  • - Individual tag price change
  • - Display, Communication support, Operating system, Alkaline battery×2
Price Change Terminal
Item Specification
Type 1 Type 2
Display 128×64 mono LCD 3.5 Inch TFT LCD (touch screen)
External I/F 24pin Port IrDA Port, USB, MicroSD
Communication support ZigBee ZigBee/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS
Operating System FreeRTOS Window CE 5.0
S/W 128k Flash, 8K SRAM ROM256MB, RAM128MB
Power AAA alkaline battery×2 Li-polymer 1,380mA
Size 133×53×18 (mm) 69×120×18 (mm)