U-Safety Keeper with a terminal for WCDMA, ZigBee, and GPS communication
safety keeper / safety keeper
CEST's U-Safety Keeper is the service of checking anytime and anywhere where a person with a terminal is. With CEST's U-Safety Keeper, you can protect your family members such as children, woman, the elderly and the infirm, and the handicapped.
U-Safety Keeper use
  • - Preventing from missing and kidnapping a child
  • - Preventing from kidnapping a middle/high school student returning home from a cram school late at night
  • - Location tracing for women to prevent crimes against them

  • - Location tracing for the aged with dementia and the handicapped in emergency
  • - Preventing from missing pets, Location tracing to protect high-priced properties

Major functions
Communication between WCDMA, ZigBee, and GPS
The communication shadow zone is small so it is possible to trace a location exactly differently from existing location
tracing services for mobile phones.
All-time monitoring
  • - Location check in real-time through the Keeper terminal
  • - Video check in the CCTV Zone
  • - Reporting in real-time when leaving the safety zone
SOS emergency call
  • - Automatic reporting to a guardian, police, 911
  • - Hearing what is happening
Safety Keeper terminal's specifications
(left) SOS button, (right) charging socket and power button
safety keeper / safety keeper      safety keeper / safety keeper
System composition
Location information reception, Video information reception, Real-time location transmission emergency SOS alarm, 3G mobile communication network, Guardian, Safety zone set-up/Present location check/Routes check/Safety zone leaving alarm/SOS emergency alarm/Hearing emergency, Safety Keeper control server, Police 911
safety keeper / safety keeper