Wireless Auction Solution

Wireless Auction Solution
Real-time Radio Communication Control and Non-stop Auction Processing
wireless auction solution / wireless auction solution
CEST offers the ZigBee-based network total solution.
Wireless Auction Solution is CEST's ZigBee solution to provide real-time radio communication control and non-stop auction processing services.
Functions and Features
  • - Data processing for many bids and excellent expandability
  • - Displaying the estimated winning bid at the moment
  • - Displaying how the auction is going
  • - Auction management through a terminal
  • - Interlocking with the auction calculation system

  • - Information display on an electronic board (finished, ongoing, standby item)
  • - Advertisement and real-time PR
  • - Search for person's bidding history
  • - Text transfer and walkie-talkie

  • - Securing fairness and improving transparency
  • - Securing reliability through real-time results display on a status board
  • - Reasonable pricing for wholesale & retail sales by real-time price check

  • - Auction time reduction and management improvement
  • - Information management on auction items and building the information base for distribution

  • - IEEE 802. 15. 4 ZigBee-based bidirectional wireless communication technology
  • - Large-scale network operation technology
  • - Highly reliable wireless communication technology based on low power
Auction terminal/Communication method/display/Input device/Power/Compatible
Bidder/Status board/Broadcaster
wireless auction solution / wireless auction solution
System configuration
  • - Reliability improvement through bidirectional communication (non-stop auction)
  • - Efficient use of battery using low power technology
  • - Easy installation based on the wireless ZigBee technology
Auction server/Status board/Terminal/Broadcaster/Wireless responder
wireless auction solution / wireless auction solution
  • - Electronic auction system
  • - Electronic conference system - for survey and vote